You look around.  The castle seems almost abandoned, yet it is clear that it is far from.  Torches line the inner courtyard with an erie, almost dark glow.  It is not night, and you are not yet inside an enclosed space covered by a roof, but the light feels as if it is being sapped from all around you.  And there is almost a peace over the courtyard, in stark contrast to the clashing of blades and firing of the ballista.  None of it is audible to you any longer, and the keep doors you just charged through are now sealed shut by, as far as you can tell, the hand of absolutely no one.

As you stand there bewildered, a man who you do not recognize from another brigade runs by.

"They got Lord Squall!  I saw him being carried into the dungeon!  Come, help!"

What do you do?

Follow the man into the dungeon

Try to break down the keep door.

Climb higher in the keep in search of the Western Lord.

Put out the torches. .  

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